Not Just Another Snapshot

Posted: August 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

A few days ago, we got off the elevator in our apartment building, and I was able to capture this picture of James and Emma…IMG_2095 [53998] edit

There’s nothing grand or spectacular about it. This photo will never appear on the cover of a magazine, but it will always be special to me. Why? In a way, it somewhat demonstrates the role of a dad in the life of his daughter.

In this picture, James is carrying Emma in the same way that all great dads would be willing to carry their daughter through anything in life – whether it’s a simple piggyback ride to make her feel comforted in a big crowd, helping her move into her dorm at college, or walking her down the aisle. He’s always there to support his daughter in any way he possibly can.

James also has her high up on his shoulders to proudly show her off. Daddies are so proud of their daughters. They’ll always have a picture in their wallet or on their phone of their sweet little girls, and they’re ready to show off their babies in an instant.

While Emma may be high on his shoulders, she is also being held so she will stay safe. Let’s face it, we live in a scary world today. The fact that parents are able to give their children a sense of security just by simply holding them is amazing.

The siding in the hallway of this picture creates what are called, “leading lines,” which are lines that naturally direct the eye to the main focus area of your photo. Normally, you wouldn’t put your subject right in the middle. However, in this picture, the fact that they are both in the center of the photo demonstrates how they are the center of each other’s worlds. There is just something special about the bond between a father and his daughter.

I love this photo. In some ways, I can’t really describe why. You may just see a man and his little girl. I see my husband with our daughter…and all the love they share.


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