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Lately, I’ve seen so many negative posts about young moms. I think it’s time we set the record straight with some true/false statements.

All young moms got pregnant by some loser in high school. -FALSE

While teen pregnancy is sadly on the rise, this is not true of all young mothers. Some of us got married at a younger age, and wanted to start a family sooner than others. Some of us might’ve not been planning to get pregnant, but ended up having a baby anyway (and wouldn’t trade it for the world). I’m not trying to bash moms who do get pregnant in high school. I have a few friends who did, and they’d all tell you that becoming a mother was the greatest thing that ever happened to them.

All of our babies have different daddies, and we have tons of “baby daddy issues.” -FALSE

Again, there are people that I see on facebook who have some serious drama/issues with the father of their children. Then here are those who chose a great guy to have kids with, who wants to be involved in the life of their child. There are moms who had a baby with a different man than their first baby, and there are moms whose children all have the same father. We don’t all belong on Jerry Springer. We don’t all have “deadbeat dads” as the father(s) of our children.

We are missing out on a “normal” life for someone our age. -TRUE

I’m 21 years old, married, have one baby, and another on the way…and I’m so beyond happy! Most (not all…but most) people my age are out drinking, partying, sleeping around, or in meaningless relationships with people they don’t plan on marrying, just because they want someone to hang out with. People my age are so desperate for attention and affection, they’d give up who they are just to be someone else’s idea of “perfect,” only to have their heart broken or crushed a few months/years later. that’s what a “normal’ life is for the average 21 year old right now. So yeah, I guess you could say I’m “missing out” or that I haven’t even had a chance to live yet. Honestly, I’d rather spend my days cuddled up on the couch with my husband and my baby while we watch Disney movies, rather than going out and partying into the wee hours of the morning. Let’s be honest, nothing good happen after dark…that’s why your parents gave you a curfew while growing up.

We’re all just a bunch of unemployed, uneducated housewives, mooching off whoever we can. -FALSE

Most of the young moms I know are also some of the hardest working people I know. I call it the “Mama Bear Instinct,” when we go out of our way to do absolutely everything we can for our kids to have the best life possible. Some of us are stay-at-home-moms (myself, my sister, and several of my friends included), and we all have our reasons. I tried working, but it was soooo hard for me to leave my daughter every morning. I felt like I was missing out on all her firsts. I felt like someone else was raising my baby. The only time I really had with her was the 20 minute car ride to and from the sitter’s house, 2 hours before bedtime in the evenings, and weekends. To all the working mothers out there, my hat goes off to you. As far as calling us all uneducated, well that’s simply not true either. It may take us longer to get our degrees due to the fact that we have children, but at least we’re doing it. While I was at Bible College, I was exhausted from working a full time job, and going to school full time as well. Now that I’m a mom and going to school at the same time, I know that it’s way more exhausting than when my only responsibility was school and work. Now, I have a husband and baby who need me (along with our dog, cat, and 2 beta fish), a home to take care of, online classes to take, and still trying to find time to study…that added responsibility can be quite overwhelming. Guess what? You’ll never hear a young mom complain about it. Cleaning their house gives their kids a safe, clean environment to grow and play in. Making dinner for their husbands (or significant others) just means there’s one less thing for their man to worry about after a long day at work. Staying up to study or do school means that one day, they’ll have a degree, and will be able to have a job that enables them to provide for their families in so many ways.

You can look at an 18-25 year old woman and see all the negatives that people circulate through social media. Then again, you can look at her, smile, and possibly even give her a few words of encouragement. Being a mom is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding opportunities that women are given. Looking down on mothers who started their families at a younger age than what you think is appropriate…well, that’s just not nice.


Friday’s Feelings

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Friday's Feelings

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged Friday’s Feelings, but I’m doing it now, so don’t yell at me!

1.)    My 17th birthday is this coming Tuesday, and I’m super excited! We’re having a party on the 20th. I cannot tell you what we’re doing because I haven’t even told my guests yet, but I’ll post pics once it’s over. I’m soooo excited!

2.)    As mentioned on Wednesday’s post, I got my license this week…and again, I’m very excited about that as well. 🙂

3.)    I finished all of Spanish 1 today. On Monday, I will be starting Spanish 2. I’m very happy about that.

4.)    I’m very excited that it is currently 70 degrees outside. In what other sate would it be this beautiful on January 6th? Only in TEXAS…the best state! 🙂

Well, I guess that’s it for today. I’ll probably post more on Tuesday or Wednesday (since I’ll turn 17 in 4 days). Check back soon!

Peace. Love. Cheryl.

Friday’s Feelings

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Friday's Feelings

This is my 20th “Friday’s Feelings,” but it doesn’t seem like I’ve really posted that many. Regardless, this Friday…

1.)    I feel super excited! Around 4am, I will wake up, then, at 6:50am, I will be on a plane, headed to Minneapolis, Minnesota. At 11:15am, I will be on another plane, headed to Omaha, Nebraska. At approximately 12:50pm, I will be exiting the plane and making my way to the baggage claim to see my sister. I’m soooo excited that I get to take off a full week to go up there and spend time with her and her family. 🙂

2.)    I feel relieved. I have made it through the first semester of my Junior year of high school! I only have a few more months to go, and then I’ll be a Senior. 🙂 Woo-hoo!

3.)    I feel glad. All of my Christmas shopping is done. All of the gifts are wrapped. Now, It’s time to relax and enjoy my 2 weeks of Christmas vacation.

Anyways, I’ll get off here now so that you don’t have to keep reading all of my jibber-jabber. I’ll blog more soon. Thanks for visiting my blog today! Have an incredible weekend! 🙂

Peace. Love. Cheryl.

Friday’s Feelings

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Friday's Feelings

Yes, I do realize that it is Saturday, but I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday. So…Here’s this week’s “Friday’s Feelings.”

1.)    I feel sad. Last night was the State Championship game for the Alvarado Indians. We played against the Tyler Chapel Hill Bulldogs at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. The final score was 19-20. Alvarado lost the State Championship by ONE point! We were so close to the end zone, and then the buzzer went off. It was very sad. We were undefeated until the State Championship game, and then we lost by one point. 😦 However, we did make history. AHS has made it to the playoffs almost every year, but this was the only year that they made it all the way to State. Way to go boys! Make it a habit! 🙂

2.)    I feel excited! In exactly one week, I will be leaving to go to Nebraska to spend a week with my sister Jennifer and her family. I’m PUMPED! 🙂

3.)    I feel sore. Well, I don’t…but my throat does. LOL. I screamed soooo much at the game last night. I barely have a voice today. It was worth it though. I ❤ my INDIANS! They’re #1 in my book! 🙂

Thanks for checking out the blog today.  I might post something else this weekend, so stay tuned.

Peace. Love. Cheryl.

Friday’s Feelings

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Friday's Feelings

Let’s Begin…

1.) I feel warm right now. It’s freezing cold outside, but I am nice and toasty on the couch with my toesocks and a heater blowing on me.

2.) I feel excited. This weekend, I am going to my Mommy’s. We are going to go Christmas shopping, while avoiding malls at all costs. After that, I’m not sure what else we’re going to do, but I’m sure we’ll manage to get into something.

3.) I feel distracted. Before I started writing this blog post, I was working on a 5-page essay that I have to write about Spain. It’s due on Monday. I’m almost done with page 2. Needless to say, I better go finish writing it.

Anyways, thanks for taking time to read my blog today. I’m sure I’ll post something “interesting” soon. Be sure to keep coming back. You never know what I’ll be up to…unless you have subscribed to my blog (you stalkers!) or check back regularly. Have a wonderful weekend!

Peace. Love. Cheryl.

Friday’s Feelings

Posted: November 25, 2011 in Friday's Feelings

I apologize for not posting anything last Friday, but I did come up with this week’s Friday’s Feelings. Here we go!

1.) I feel tired. Today is Black Friday. When I went shopping around noon, I thought that the majority of the crowds would’ve already died down a bit, but apparently not. There were people EVERYWHERE!

2.) I feel sad. I miss my Papa. His birthday would’ve been tomorrow, but he passed away on August 15, 2010. I miss him sooo much, but I know I’ll see him again someday. Tomorrow, we will be releasing balloons for him. I love and miss you tons, Papa! ❤

3.) I feel AWESOME!  My Thanksgiving was amazing! I enjoyed 4-5 plates full of delicious food, spending time with my family, and watching Andy Griffith afterwards. It was a blast. I love the holidays!

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for reading my blog today!

Peace. Love. Cheryl.

Friday’s Feelings

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Friday's Feelings

Since this is Friday, November 11, 2011 (11/11/11), I will be sharing ELEVEN feelings with you today.

1.)    I feel excited. Sunday is “Friend Day” at our church. You are all invited to attend this special day at Fundamental Baptist Church (of course, you are ALWAYS welcome to come). Sunday school is at 10am and our Sunday morning service is at 11am. We have a goal set to have 100 people in attendance in the morning service, so grab your friends, family, and neighbors, along with anyone else you know, and come to church this Sunday. I look forward to seeing you there!

2.)    I feel happy. Who wouldn’t be happy? …. It’s FRIDAY! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

3.)    I feel disappointed. Here in A-town, we have just had an election. There were certain people in the town that believed alcohol should be allowed in the city limits. On Tuesday, elections were held…and you guess it, it passed. I didn’t expect it to not be passed, but I did expect more Christians to vote “no.” It bugs me! 😦

4.)    I feel glad. This weekend, I get to see my Nanny (my dad’s mom). She’s crazy as all-get-out, but I love her to death!

5.)    I feel lucky. Everyone says that if you make a wish when you see your clock at 11:11, the wish will come true. Well, I noticed that my clock said 11:11am on 11/11/11….so if this is true, my wish should come true…right? Haha. I know this is nonsense, but it filled up one of my 11 feelings.

6.)    I feel thankful. My Nana (my sister’s mother-in-law) had knee replacement surgery on Wednesday. I’m thankful that doctors have the knowledge to do that now and that her surgery went well.

7.)    I feel shocked! I can’t believe that I’m already a junior in high school. As cliché as it may sound, it seems like just yesterday, I was graduating from kindergarten while my sister Katherine was graduating from high school. It seems like just yesterday, I was getting ready for my first day of my freshman year. I remember listening to the song “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift on my way to school. I remember my mom telling me that it just didn’t seem right that I was already in high school. I remember my first Homecoming game and dreaming of being on Homecoming Court or even becoming Homecoming Queen my senior year. It’s crazy to think that I’ll be graduating in less than two years. Where did all the time go?

8.)    I feel tired. I think this extra hour of sleep (that we supposedly received by setting our clocks back an hour) has gotten a hold of me. It has gotten me all messed up.

9.)    I feel comfortable. I am currently sitting on the couch in a denim skirt, a TCU t-shirt (Go Horned Frogs!), and mismatched knee-length crazy socks…and I’m comfortable. I may not have on makeup, and my hair may not be fixed. I probably don’t look the greatest right now, but I feel so comfy…and that’s all that matters right now.

10.) I feel like these feelings keep dragging on, so I apologize that you are probably bored out of your mind right now.

11.) I feel like I have reached the end. This is my 11th feeling. I made it! Sorry that the last two have been pointless, but oh well. 

I’ll post this week’s survey in a few minutes. Thanks for reading my blog today!

Peace. Love. Cheryl.